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Manufacturing and selling of plywood

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How do we make plywood...


Plywood (Phenol Formaldehyde)

Plywood laminated

Fuel briquettes

    The grade of plywood is a material obtained by gluing sheets of veneer of different wood species with the use of formaldehyde resins. The advantages of the material include moisture resistance, strength, ease of processing and good compatibility with a range of common building materials. Ideal for many jobs.


      Laminated plywood – this birch or a combination product, coated on both sides resin paper film on the basis of phenol-formaldehyde resin. This material has high density and wear-resistance surface, good strength properties, resistant to moisture absorption.

       Briquettes are produced from wood residues - sawdust and shavings. All of these ingredients in a special hydraulic press, pressed at high pressure without using any chemical substances and additives. It provides 100% environmentally friendly and safe products.

Birch («pencil»)

«Pensil» - birch is a cylindrical piece of birch remaining from his peeling.

Description :

length — 1,29 to 1,34 m; 1,58÷1,62 m; 2,58÷2,62 m;

diameter 75÷95 mm;

the humidity between 40÷70 %.


Main application: in the construction of local buildings — pavilions, wells, and corrals; for construction of playgrounds; for the manufacture of fence and container boards; used as raw material for the production of charcoal and as fuel.










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